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About the Centers

The National Compliance Assistance Centers

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has sponsored partnerships with industry, academic institutions, environmental groups, and other agencies to launch sector-specific Web-based Compliance Assistance Centers (Centers). Each Center addresses real world issues in language that speaks to the regulated entities. Through Internet innovative Web sites, telephone assistance lines, fax- back systems, and e-mail discussion groups and more, the Centers are helping businesses, college and universities, local governments, and federal facilities understand federal environmental requirements and save money through pollution prevention techniques.

Visit the Centers to Obtain:

  • Updates on relevant regulatory developments
  • Sector-specific regulatory explanations
  • Compliance tools and training
  • A place to ask questions and get answers
  • Databases on technologies and techniques
  • Pollution prevention tips and ideas
  • Links to other assistance providers, vendors, and suppliers
  • State Resource Locators for a wide range of topics to help find important state-specific environmental compliance information

The Centers provide:

  • "First-Stop Shopping" - serve as the first place that small businesses, local governments, facilities and technical assistance providers go to get comprehensive, easy to understand compliance information targeted specifically to industry sectors.
  • "Seamless Information Transfer" - create effortless linkages via the Internet between the regulated community and their technical and regulatory assistance providers and between the providers themselves to share tools and knowledge and prevent duplication of efforts.
  • "Compliance Assistance Tools" - produce plain-language guides, consolidated checklists, fact sheets and other tools where needed by the regulated community and their information providers.
  • "Links Between Pollution Prevention and Compliance Goals" - provide easy access to information and technical assistance on technologies to help minimize waste production and maximize environmental performance.
  • "Information on Ways to Reduce the Costs of Compliance" - identify technologies and best management practices that reduce pollution while saving money.

Center Team

The following organizations directly support or run one or more centers. All centers are supported in part through funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency:

Center Partners

The following organizations currently partner or have partnered with one or more Centers in helping businesses, local governments, and federal facilities understand Federal environmental requirements and save money through pollution prevention techniques.